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We believe that ufos exist, hence the reason for this ufo web site. There have been so many credible ufo sightings over the years, it is now harder then ever to not believe in the existence of ufos and extra terrestrial intelligence. Here's the answer to the famous question... Is there intelligence life out there somewhere? If there isn't it would be an awful waste of space. The universe is huge, filled with billions of planets. Why would our small planet be the only one with intelligent life on it? It doesn't make sense.

On Ufo Videos Online you will find ufo videos dating from 2002 to 2008. This is a collection of the most convincing evidence to date as to the existence of life on planets other then our own.

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Sure, there are many ufo sites on the internet, however many of them provide you with sketchy home videos of lights in the sky and blurry images of poor quality. We do our best to provide high quality ufo video links that encourage the belief in intelligence elsewhere then on our own planet.

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JULY 18, 2008 UFO NEWS: Hi everyone,
> > Here are 4 YouTube videos of the Friday July 11, 2008 Larry King
> > Show. Ufo's were seen by several people including a police officer in Stephenville, near President Bush's Crawford Ranch. The ufo's were also caught on Radar, proving that something was up in the sky.

Video 1Video 2Video 3Video 4 For those that aren't able to access/watch the videos, nor watch
> > the re-run of the show tonight (CNN at 9pm), here is the
> > transcript of the show:
> > click here for the transcripts

Larry King CNN - 18th july 2008 - UFO downs usa defenses pt 1/4

2006-UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied, this Video lasts over one hour!! And it's completely FREE

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